Meet the Founders


James and Shelby Watkins are residents of central Georgia and were married on November 16, 2013.


James is 31 years old has been saved for six years. Before salvation James professed to be an atheist. The Lord used a near suicide attempt to bring him to Christ. James is an aspiring pastor, and is currently the Associate Pastor at Devereux Baptist Church, where he and his wife have been members for 5 years. James has a deep passion for theology and a love for the church. He enjoys preaching and teaching others the deep truths of Scripture, especially from a lens of reformation theology, and has a passion for those who have or do suffer with depression and or thoughts of suicide. James is also the host of The 5 Solas Podcast, a part of the Christian Podcast Community.


Shelby is 27 years old and has been saved for six years. Shelby was in and out of church most of her life, mainly within the charismatic movement, but come to saving faith around the same time as her husband, by God's grace. Shelby is the brains behind all of the designs and technology that is used by 5 Solas Ministries. Shelby enjoys crafting, designing, and photography. Shelby has been a member of Devereux Baptist Church for 5 years and currently serves as the Young Women's Sunday School teacher.